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Don’t have a credit card? No worries let us take care of all your online purchases of only 5% of the value of the good.


Pay only$300 for deliveries within the Kingston area for packages 10lbs and under, delivery services are also offered island wide conditions apply.

Customs Charges

  • Personal imports with a FOB (free on Board) value of US$50 or less will not be subject to import  duties, however for items that exceed US$50 duties will be applied.
  • Goods imported for commercial use will be subject to import charge, regardless of the FOB value.


Pounds Kilogram Rate
1.00 0.45 $560.00
2.00 0.90 $560.00
3.00 1.36 $910.00
4.00 1.81 $1260.00
5.00 2.27 $1610.00
6.00 2.72 $1960.00
7.00 3.18 $2310.00
8.00 3.63 $2660.00
9.00 4.09 $3010.00
10.00 4.54 $3360.00

 $350 per LBS after your first 2 LBS




Packit4u operates a modern and diverse Courier service that is committed to providing to highest standard of service by ensuring a professional, prompt and courteous service at the most competitive rates as well as building long term relationship with our customers. We promise to always use the most cutting edge technology to serve you safely, effectively and efficiently.


To create a better everyday life by connecting people and businesses through just in time logistics.

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(Shop #1) 91 Slipe Road Kingston 5

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